Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It Seems Like Yesterday

It seems like yesterday
 but it's been a year now,
since the Wilkes Bashford store we all new and loved,
ceased to exist (to me).
At one time and really, from the beginning, the
store was one of the most exciting,
beautifully merchandised stores-
housing some of the most coveted and best edited
collections, of luxury clothing in the country.
It's been a year now...
and  it is different (to me).
The bones are still there, but
the soul is gone (to me).
The name is still there, for now,
but the signature has been wiped out (it seems).
The bag is still there, but,
the colors have both faded (to me).
Could it be,
soon customers will no longer have
 the coveted orange and brown shoppers,
to carry like a badge of honor,
a show of patronage?
It's been a year now...
out of respect, I will reflect and realize
it was never perfect, but
the aim was always high and genuine.
It was like a daily theatrical performance,
for which, there will be no encore.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rolling Down The Tracks

How cute is the idea of a Pop Up shop
I don't know what it is about trains
and Christmas, but, whether
you're looking for a keepsake gift 
for a fine young one, or 
a moving element for under the tree-
you've got to go with a train. I mean,
 you can't play with a Radio Flyer wagon
under the tree, right?

Monday, November 22, 2010

Peeping Into The World of Hermes

Hermes Window Design Director Leïla Menchari has done a nearly magical job of turning displays of handbags and silk scarves into fantastical dreamscapes that sit right at the intersection of art and commerce, season after season, for more than three decades. 
Here are a few of the windows  from over the years.

The creativity can now be enjoyed all of us, as 
Hermes recently uploaded more than 50 photos of Menchari’s Paris windows to its Facebook page.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Canvas Is The New Tweeds? Maybe!

They call it 
"Authentic Inspiration...
Classic Interpretation" .
I call it Tweeds redux and I love it!
Remember Tweeds? The catalogue which had a good
 five year run from about 1987 - 1993.
It was started by a couple of J Crew discontents
 and had a solid  following.of funky, cosmopolitans.
 It was acquired by Hanover and then, 
eventually disappeared -it happens..
All was good, for a while,  because there was still
 J Crew- which was coming up with 
season after season of solidly
elegant, casual looks for the prep wannna be,
while their merchandising and styling
continued to be solid and and well rehearsed. .
Until, within the last two years or so, 
when the styling has looked more like young urban 
bag lady than the American sophisticated casual  they
 had always oozed.
Where was that warm and fuzzy,
modern, sophisticated, lived in sensibility 
that I loved about Tweeds.

Enter Canvas by Lands' End...

I think CANVAS  is pretty 
familiar and cool, like an old friend.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Suzy Menkes + Karl + Karl = Genius

I've had so much respect for Suzy Menkes 
from the International Herald Tribune for many years
and of course, who on earth does not 
recognize the inherent genius talent of 
Recently, at the IHT Luxury conference
Suzy Menkes sat down and  Karl
and discussed his career and the history of Chanel.
What I love and respect about him, is the 
reverence he has to those that have come before
and the creativity and genius he brings to every aspect of his life.
I can never get enough of listening and watching 
this genius- at work, at life.

and here behind the scenes at the opening 
of his photo exhibition at PACE/MACGILL gallery.

Karl Lagerfeld from FLY16x9 on Vimeo.


Friday, November 5, 2010

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like...

For those in 'the biz' (retail) we know that
year round project and that goes 
triple time for the world of 
visual merchandising.
Simon Doonan's plan for Barney's windows
back in March, just after the concept was revealed.
Now, as we get closer, the inner workings 
are opening up and here- via  racked and feast,
I present the beginning of the installation process.
Barneys unveils its food-themed windows two weeks from today, but a few sneak peeks have already made their way online. NBC food blog Feast has a slideshow of the chef windows, which are still being constructed at the Barneys workshop. From this early vantage, their caricatures of famous cooks look a lot like last year's Saturday Night Live display.
T magazine, meanwhile, got a close look at Miss Illy, a mannequin modeling a gown made entirely out of recycled Illycaffè espresso packages. She's also wearing Illy’s new Francis Francis X1 iperEspresso machine on her head, but don't be fooled by her finishing-school demeanor—Simon Doonan tells T that "she’s no Italian aristocrat, she’s a nice Jersey girl.” Illy's also sponsoring a nice little pick-me-up for holiday shoppers: From November 17 through December 31, they'll be serving free espresso and cappuccino on Barneys ninth floor.
· And Now, A Sneak Peek at the Barneys "Have A Foodie Holiday" Windows [Feast]
· Simon Doonan’s Very Foodie Windows [T Magazine]
· In the Window: Barneys is Having a Witty Holiday (R
On a similar but (very)different note,
         I found these signs of the (local), impending season:

don't worry,...
-the good, the bad and the ugly will always prevail.