Sunday, February 28, 2010

Quote of the Day

"There is a great deal in the first impressions"

This is a photo of a Donald Deal window at Wilkes Bashford 
by Russell Clower. It is from last fall- but I love it.


Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Black & White Modern Romance

I love the black and white story in this Hermes window.
The modern and short (for Hermes) dress is so pretty
and I love the the cameo theme with the props tying into 
the black and white accessories.
This window is at the Hermes store on Grant Avenue.

Quote of the Day

Whoever has a heart full of love,
always has something to say.
Pope John XXIII

Friday, February 26, 2010


Just discovered a new favorite 'antiques' shop in The City.
It's called Leftovers (Polk@Bush) and it is a consignment shop filled with
tasteful found furnishings.
They're tag line...
seconds anyone? is genius.

It so happens, they have just opened a new
5,000 sq ft shop around the corner @ 1243Sutter street too!
here is a photo I took of they're window on Polk Street.
"Reuse Recycle Relove"

On a similar but different note check out this article
by Wendy Goodman for The Cut @ nymag
It kind of looks like a yogurt shop transported to a
grandmother's kitchen, right?
photo Wendy Goodman 

Quote of the Day

Courtesy costs nothing.
W. G. Benham

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Chino + Black + Green

Downtown the other day and was reminded how much I Love
wearing chinos when I saw the new windows at Banana Republic.
 Here are a couple of variations from the streets...
above via FabSugar
This outstanding photo is from Vanessa Jackman,
via her addicting blog vanessajackman.blogspot
If you enjoy fashion, color, fun quips and gorgeous photography...
treat yourself.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Union Square get's a Shot in the arm

Stopped into Shotwell boutique the other day.
It offers a refreshing mix from the usual Union Square stores.
The selection is young and a little edgy, like Urban Outfitters but less mainstream.
Shotwell could easily be at home on Haight Street with the selection of items
featuring  studs, zippers and the like but there is also a nice mix 
of recognizable names such as Elizebeth and James, Mink Pink, Aryn K,
Cheap Monday, April 77, as well as several local designers
and a nice mix of vintage to round it out. 
There is definitely an 80's  (youthful) vibe  and the people who work there
are very cheery and helpful.
There's two floors with jewelry and and more of the street wear 
on the the 1st and  'collection' items and shoes on two.
Shotwell is a great place to pop into and discover.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Neiman Marcus welcomes a new Kiton shop

This is one of Neiman Marcus' windows on Geary

welcoming the new Kiton shop and Massimo Bizzocchi town.

Kiton clothing is a work of art and true craftsmanship. 

Massimo Bizzocchi is a man whose name is synonymous

with Italian taste and style.

Experience true luxury.




Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Quickie on The Street

Isn't this Genious?
 This is a Pop Up of Beauty!
Bare Escentuals set up shop at the corner of
California Street at Market 

Saturday, February 6, 2010

This Anthem Sings

I Finally made to Anthem on Sacramento Street.
It is prettiest shop I have been in to in a very long time.
The space (remember Forrest Jones), is beautiful-
it was gutted and is now a warm, bright cream.
Everywhere you look there is a feast for the eye and senses.
The selections of table top and home accessories
is sublime and so well edited. 
The furniture, bedding and lighting will have you 
rethinking your own decor!
Oh and and yes, there is even a fabulous selection of jewelery!
I plan to make another visit very soon 
and bring back more photos to temp!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Cuff Above

I was at Forever 21 on Tuesday and saw a drawer full of these 
adorable cuffs. Forever never ceases to amaze me. This very substantial cuff
packs a lot of punch- it will look fantastic with of course all black -day or night or even 
a blue & white stripe shirt and white jeans this summer (all for $10.80 -HA!).
Yes, you do have to weave your way  through a packed to the gills accessories area
but a find like this is worth the work!

Change of venue

Yes this is finally my first posting. When I first put title 
to this blog, I was working downtown 
at a well established luxury specialty store
and thought it would be a great way to communicate 
the comings and goings of people and things 
associated with our establishment. 
Before it ever got started though,
I put it on the back burner (which is good) because as luck would have it,
both my husband and I have since moved on, albeit, to a broader spectrum of career opportunities with some VERY exciting  happenings.
More about that ... at a later date.
So... I have decided this will be a little forum  to share my opinions
of what I see
when  out and about and exploring world of retail 
low to high / high to low